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  • Talent concept
    Talent concept
    People-oriented, virtue-first, caring about people's emotions
    Over the years, the company has adhered to the talent philosophy of "people-oriented, virtue-first, caring about people's emotions". It has achieved leapfrog large-scale development. The company attaches great importance to human resources, having been regarding the development and utilization of human resources as a major strategy for the company's development. The "Talent Project" of "attracting, using, creating and retaining talents" has been one of the company's "major projects". The company has formed a highly efficient, professional, systematic management system for the introduction, training, assessment, incentives and planning of human resources, going all out to build a high ground of human resources management to provide a strong talent support for the sustainable development of Gujin, and lay a solid foundation for Gujin Motor to realize technology oriented operation and building a first-class enterprise.
     "The vast sea is so tolerant that it allows dragons to fly over it freely, and all boats to compete against each other, so that the real heroes will stand to the fore". Gujin Motor respects talents, cares for talents, and pays attention to the attraction, utilization, training and retaining of talents, having created a good atmosphere that "encourages talents to concentrate their efforts on their career, supports them to successfully fulfill their career, and helps them to make excellent attainments in their career". The company has gathered together a group of backbone talents who are loyal to the company, good at operation and know how to manage business, and who are enterprising and innovative. Thanks to them, Gujin motor has truly become the "home of entrepreneurship, and fertile soil for cultivating talents".

    Employment Philosophy
    To cultivate people with culture, to cohere people with careers, encourage people through performance appraisal, and improve people through training and studies 

  • Honor
    Customer's demand is our goal
    Continuous research and development to create customer satisfaction products and services
    Through the European CE safety certification, to provide customers around the world with the highest cost-effective vacuum pump! Supporting the world's most advanced Japanese OKUMA-BYJC vertical processing center and testing equipment! Ruby will become the leader of the industry in the future with the quality of the first-line brand and the price of the second-line brand.
  • S C
    S C
    Gujin Electric Company advocates the enterprise style of "satisfying user needs, improving innovation ability, integrating group wisdom and advocating people-oriented management", and adheres to the business philosophy of "serving customers wholeheartedly". With high quality products and services, reasonable price positioning, establish the brand image of the enterprise. Now the products have been exported to Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and more than 20 countries and regions. Set up R&D centers and sales companies, and gradually establish a more perfect sales network system to provide more detailed and fast services in the local market.


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